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Let Our Dealership's Service Center Repair Your Brakes

Brake repair is something that our service center knows is a big deal, and that is why we encourage our customers to have taken care of often. The reason it is important to have our dealership complete the work you need to have done is that we have access to vital information about any recalls or other issues with your Ford Fusion, F-150, or Mustang.

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Schedule a service appointment for your vehicle before your final summer trip

Looking to seamlessly enjoy the final weeks of summer? Then servicing your vehicle is our top suggestion here at Karl Flammer Ford. Servicing your car, especially before a big trip, helps to keep you safe and avoid any stressful car trouble while you're cruising the open road.


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Our expert team is here to perform any and all of your service needs whenever you schedule your appointment. You can co

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The 2017 Ford Escape. Car Installation Made a Little Bit Easier.

Sometimes the make or break features that convince you to drive one car or over another are small things. They can be as small as how well it fits in your car seat. If that's one of the things that helps you fall in love with a car, then the 2017 Ford Escape might be for you.

Awarded a perfect score by car seat testers at Cars.com, the 2017 Escape earns its high marks by delivering great versions of the car seat essentials.

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Check Out Our Selection of Used Vehicles

We know that not every customer has the same budget. We also know that saving money on your vehicle purchase is an incredible feeling. In an effort to help with both of these needs, we are proud of our extensive selection of used vehicles available for purchase.

All of these vehicles are highly affordable, and provide you with the reliability, power, and safety that you would expect from a brand new Ford model.

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Ford's Police Responder Repurposing F-150 For Law Enforcement

Police officers have a hard and often dangerous job. That's why Ford is proud of its position as a producer of police vehicles, making sure the people who need the best have it.

The company's latest addition to its lineup of police vehicles is the F-150 Police Responder. A new model of the highly anticipated 2018 Ford F-150, the Police Responder is designed to give officers a wide range of abilities they can make use of in the field.

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Here's Why You Should Consider Using Summer Tires for Your Ford in Florida

Here in Florida, drivers benefit from warm weather year-round. Your vehicle ought to have a set of tires that can take advantage of that weather, especially if you drive a performance car.

As a driver, one of the best ways to take advantage of your car's performance is with summer tires. These tires are designed to provide optimum grip for performance vehicles in both dry and wet conditions. Plus, their design tends to work better in warm weather -- perfect for Florida enthusiasts.

Summer tires' superior traction comes from a combination of factors. Special tread patterns strive for maximum contact…

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Road Trip On The Cheap

How do you take an inexpensive road trip? There are many options for a less expensive road trip.

There are zoos across the nation with free admission. Parking might be difficult. It might cost extra. You'll be able to visit zoos in major cities like Chicago or St. Louis without paying for your entire family. That can add up to big savings.

You don't have to pay admission generally for hiking. There are many outdoor parks where you can see waterfalls, caves and other wonders of nature.

You can pack food in a cooler. Eating sandwiches instead of…
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How Rain Can Hurt Your Car

Constant rain can be a problem for any car. Rain has acid in it. You may think you don't need a car wash just because it rained. It looks as if it may clean your car. That's not even close to the truth. Over the course of time, rain hurts your vehicle paint job. That's especially true if you don't get your car washed.

The same is true for snow. It also has those same acid elements in it. This just gives the car owner another valid reason to get a car wash. The weather can…
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