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Road Trip On The Cheap

How do you take an inexpensive road trip? There are many options for a less expensive road trip.

There are zoos across the nation with free admission. Parking might be difficult. It might cost extra. You'll be able to visit zoos in major cities like Chicago or St. Louis without paying for your entire family. That can add up to big savings.

You don't have to pay admission generally for hiking. There are many outdoor parks where you can see waterfalls, caves and other wonders of nature.

You can pack food in a cooler. Eating sandwiches instead of…
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How Rain Can Hurt Your Car

Constant rain can be a problem for any car. Rain has acid in it. You may think you don't need a car wash just because it rained. It looks as if it may clean your car. That's not even close to the truth. Over the course of time, rain hurts your vehicle paint job. That's especially true if you don't get your car washed.

The same is true for snow. It also has those same acid elements in it. This just gives the car owner another valid reason to get a car wash. The weather can…
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MotorWeek Sings Praises of Striking 2017 Ford Explorer

Here at Karl Flammer Ford Inc, we have half a mind to declare the 2017 Explorer the most spectacular full-size SUV throughout the entire industry.

However, as we'd prefer you to arrive at that conclusion on your own, we now turn your attention to the clip below.

Tag along with the automotive mavens over at MotorWeek, as they explain what makes the Explorer so very special:

Scale the Explorer model range to its summit and it's there you'll find the fully loaded Platinum.

Standard equipment on this trim includes a 365-horsepower turbo-V6 engine, a panoramic sunroof, a…

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Check Out the 2017 Ford C-Max

Have you ever felt scared that your car was not able to handle rough weather? So scared that you decided to cancel your plans? Worrying about the safety of you and your car is understandable, but investing in a car meant to handle those kind of situations would greatly lessen the fear. The 2017 Ford C-Max was built with a Roll Stability feature which helps the car sense any kind of disturbance in pressure so that it can stabilize the engine and the wheels of the car. This greatly reduces any kind of swerving that may occur with a car…
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The 2017 Ford Fiesta is Pretty Awesome


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Always dreamed of having a crazy cool sports car? Think you will probably never get one? Think again! The Ford Fiesta is the car for you, but the catch is -- wait, there is no catch. There is no ridiculous price tag attached. No hidden fees or commitments or terms. Just an awesome car that needs a driver. What do you get in return? How about SYNC 3 technology that lets you connect to and control your smartphone while you drive. (Hands-free, I might add…
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Road Trip? Not an Issue when Choosing the 2017 Ford Escape

Individuals who like to take to the open highway are happy there is a new kid on the block: Well so to speak. You see ever since the 2017 Ford Escape made its appearance, Ford customers everywhere, are showing up to take a test drive...

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